Dress up day

Evaluate Dress Up Days 

Join us in celebrating our monthly Evaluate testing day by dressing up on the dates listed below.  Students in grades 2-4 will participate in Evaluate testing but everyone (PreK-4) is welcome to join in the fun!

 Friday, September 9th - “Let’s Go on an Adventure” 

Wear hiking gear or orange and green

Friday, October 7th- “Team Players” 

Wear your favorite team attire

Friday, November 11th- “Can’t Hide Our Pride” 

Wear camo

Friday, December 9th- “JOY” 

Wear Christmas attire or colors

Friday, January 13th- “PA-JAMMIN”

Wear your favorite pajamas 

Friday, February 10th- “Show Your Love of Learning” 

Wear red and/or pink

Friday, March 10th- “Exercise Your Brain”

Wear exercise clothes

Friday, April 17th- “Feel the Groove”

Wear tie-dye and 70’s clothes